Suzanne K. Ell, CPA; MST

Why pay more?

After paying your taxes, you shouldn’t need to worry about overpaying your accountant!  Most public accounting firms charge up to four times the actual cost of the labor performed.  Labor and overhead can be daunting in the face of making a profit.

As an accountant that worked for public accounting firms for over thirteen years, I have seen my share of bloated fees.  And in my eleven years of being sole proprietor of my own practice, I have learned to provide services that are efficient and economical for my clients.  As sole proprietor, I prepare, complete, and sign off all of your tax returns myself.  The result is not only superior service from a professional who has had twenty-four years of experience, but a lower cost that no pubic accounting firm will be able to match.

Not many accountants will customize their services to fit your personal needs, but I thrive on the satisfaction of my clients.  I look forward to working with you to create the cost-effective experience that you deserve!

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